HDRO Bottle 2.0

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Your Ionizer Machine On The Go!

The HDRO Bottle increases the molecular hydrogen levels of regular drinking water; in other words, it generates pure hydrogen-rich water. Molecular hydrogen is known to provide more energy, deliver powerful antioxidants, and reduce muscle fatigue and inflammation from exercise, which is why it is becoming more popular amongst athletes and those with chronic illnesses.



The HDRO Bottle 2.0 is the leading hydrogen-generating water bottle, using SPE/PEM electrolysis, to infuse up to 1.6 ppm of pure molecular hydrogen, while expelling all residual waste gas (e.g. chlorine and ozone).

What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Molecular hydrogen is the most common molecule in the universe, and also the smallest and lightest molecule, essential for life itself.


Hydrogen-rich water contains a surplus of molecular hydrogen, from electrolyzing​ H2O, and can be quickly absorbed throughout our bodies. It is known as one of the most effective antioxidants for its ability to scavenge free radicals. Preexisting hydrogen atoms bound to oxygen, in water (H2O), on the other hand, remain unavailable for any of these interactions.

Why ORP Matters

A high, positive oxidation reduction potential (ORP) level means that the water is oxidizing, and may lead to oxidative stress; most drinking waters have high, positive ORP levels. A low, negative ORP means that the water is anti-oxidizing, and may help with reducing free radicals.

The HDRO Bottle 2.0 lowers the ORP of water to more than -400 mV in only one cycle. Running two consecutive cycles results in even lower ORP levels!

Chlorine & Ozone Free

Chlorine and ozone gases are expelled out of the exhaust vent, leaving you with only pure molecular hydrogen water.

HDRO Bottle 2.0

Designed for Ease of Use

We all wish we had an extra pair of hands, so we did our best at limiting the need to use one.

HDRO Bottle Dimensions


14oz (420 ml)
SPE/PEM Dual Chamber Technology (DCT)
Exhaust vent to expel ozone and chlorine gases
Stainless steel base and lid
Borosilicate glass bottle
Rechargeable battery
Up to 20 cycles in one charge
What's In The Box?

HDRO Bottle 2.0
USB Charging Cable
Quick Start Guide
Adapter sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Really Benefits to Drinking Hydrogen Water?
There have been more than 1000 published studies conducted by scientists from around the world, on the benefits of molecular hydrogen, while Japan has been on the forefront of advocating hydrogen-rich water since 2007. Scientists found that molecular hydrogen acts as a powerful antioxidant, increases energy levels, and reduces inflammation from exercise.
You can learn more about the benefits of molecular hydrogen here:
    How does the HDRO Bottle work?
    All our bottles use Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis to produce pure molecular hydrogen at concentrations up to 1.6 ppm (or 1600 ppb). Only use water in your HDRO bottle.
    What happens to the leftover oxygen and chlorine?
    All oxygen and chlorine gases are expelled via the dual chamber exhaust vent, so only pure molecular hydrogen gets infused into your drinking water.
    How do I clean my HDRO Bottle?
    Pour white vinegar onto the titanium plates (located on the center of the base) so that the plate's fully submerged. Let white vinegar sit for 30 minutes, then rinse by running water onto the plates. Do this 2x per month for best results. Do not submerge the base under water, run the base through the dishwasher, or clean the base with a brush.
    Which type of water should I use?
    Thanks to HDRO’s dual-chamber base, you can use any type of drinking water.
    What temperature water should I use?
    We recommend using warm to cold water. Do not pour scalding hot water into the bottle, as it may cause damage.
    How many cycles can I run under one full charge?
    Your HDRO Bottle will be able to generate hydrogen water up to 20 times under one full charge, and takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.

    Our Guarantee

    At HDRO, we really care about creating a long-lasting product and service. Our mission is to increase your quality of life and ultimately make you happy, so we've invested in making each HDRO Bottle one that will last for years to come, along with a lifetime of service.


    If you purchase a product from us and are not 100% thrilled, shoot us an email at support@hdrobottle.com, and we will always go that extra mile to keep you satisfied.

    *Although many of our customers have reaped the benefits of hydrogen-rich water, we do not guarantee any specific results. Your results may vary.