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When we talk about hydrogen, we're generally speaking of dihydrogen (H2). Being the smallest molecule from having two atoms, hydrogen can easily flow throughout our body's cells and tissues. 

In fact, 10% of our body is made up of hydrogen and its main function is to keep us hydrated. Let's remember that hydrogen is an important component of water, and it can help compliment our overall well-being because it allows the toxins and waste to be removed and eliminated. Hydrogen is also found in the daily foods we eat such as sugar, fats, protein and starch. It helps produce energy in our bodies in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate - its function is to store and supply our cells with needed energy).

So if molecular hydrogen is all natural and helps produce energy, one of the bigger questions people speculate around this topic is, is molecular hydrogen safe to consume?


Hydrogen-rich water is simply water that has dissolved hydrogen gas in it. Similar to how soda or sparkling water contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas and still is safe to drink, hydrogen water works the same way. In addition, the FDA has permitted hydrogen the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status due to its natural occurrence.

To Wrap Things Up

Before dismissing the notion that hydrogen is nothing but a gimmick, it's important to understand that hydrogen is naturally produced in our own bodies. Its importance to keep producing energy and act as an antioxidant for us may help reduce a lot of the common illnesses and diseases we see today. Check out more studies on molecular hydrogen safety here.

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