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Oxidation Reduction Potential

ORP, aka redox, measures how likely it is to gain electrons through reduction (reducing agents) or lose electrons through oxidation (oxidizing agents). In fact, many industries use ORP to ensure the efficiency of a sanitizer in water meets its standards. For example, places like spas, local rec/gym swimming pools or even sewages that carry tons of bacteria and unwanted pathogens will want high ORP (result of oxidation) in their water to clean. This is why chlorine is such an effective disinfectant because of its high ORP which improves its sanitizing properties.

One can measure ORP using an ORP meter in millivolts (mV); the higher positive ORP, the stronger oxidation occurs and kills bacteria that's harmful to us. Oxygen even has high ORP and can harm DNA and proteins. Water is essential for our bodies and even though it may have oxidants, we can help reduce that by adding hydrogen into our water. This is one of the benefits of hydrogen water (5 Benefits of Hydrogen Water). The healthy ORP level for a human being ranges between -150mV and -400mV. 

Take a look at our test results below, using an ORP meter for our HDRO Bottle 2.0

On the left, the ORP level in the water (filled with filtered tap) shows a +143 mV before producing hydrogen. After one cycle with HDRO Bottle 2.0, the ORP level reduced to -409mV. This indicates that the reducing agents have gained more electrons and can donate electrons to neutralize free radicals. 

To Wrap Things Up

In general, we want to limit or decrease the amount of oxidants in our bodies. There are beverages we drink on a daily basis such as soda, beer, wine, coffee and even water that has oxidants, which adds ORP to our body. Normal tap water and bottled water usually have an ORP between 200-400mV, or higher in other parts of the world. Of course, we already know that some foods and beverages aren't the healthiest, but it's also valuable to realize that we can help balance or reduce our ORP to a healthy level by drinking more hydrogen water.

NCBI - Oxidation-Reduction Potentials of the Contents 

**Although many of our customers have reaped the benefits of hydrogen-rich water, we do not guarantee any specific results. Your results may vary.


We bought some ionized water with a ph of 8.5 and an ORP of -800. Loved it! Great for drinking and making coffee and tea. We have just finish our 1st 5 gallon bottle. Where to get more is a challenge. Any suggestions?

Ken October 05, 2022

Do you also measure the pH level how does it change?

Onder October 10, 2021

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